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A little note about typographic conventions you'll see here

If you see something that looks a bit like

  • ls -l

It is likely a command line. You can triple-click it, then copy & paste it directly into a terminal.

If there is a part that's ALL-CAPS & BOLD, this is a part of the command line you'll probably need to edit for your particular useage.


  • cp FOO.BAR FOO.BAR.bak

Sometimes, there'll be whole scripts to paste into a file on your machine. (I like vi as an editor, but use whatever editor you like.) When a script is posted, it'll be formatted like this:

# This is a rather silly little bash script...

echo "This script is silly."
echo "It doesn't do much."
echo "In fact, it just tells you it's silly..."

Just copy the whole thing & paste it into your editor in a terminal...

The actual lessons

How to Linux

  • cron - Make things happen on a schedule
  • sh - Actually sh/bash/whatever shell scripting. (This is gonna take a while & be HUGE.)
  • ssh - Remote control of Linux machines
  • scp - copying files between machines securely
  • rsync - Copying files (including remotely) with a bunch of control
  • systemctl - Managing services
  • vi - Editing files... on damn near ANY Linux machine
  • Filesystem Mounting from the command line
  • Setting file/folder permissions

How to ESXi

How to pfSense

How to SQL

How to Internet

How to Coding in General